Small Space Decor

by Julia

While I am lucky enough to not be living in a shoebox sized space in New York, my bedroom is still pretty small. Since moving in, I’ve been trying to decorate my place with pieces that are fun and bubbly, but also that don’t overcrowd the room or feel too heavy.

Decorating a small space can be pretty tricky, but I’ve found that sticking to a clean color palette keeps things looking neat – my room is primarily pale pink, white, light gray and black. Here are 4 pieces I use to decorate my room with that still feel like me:

Matte Pennant Photo Clips String Set ($10): I love this photo clip banner for a few reasons. Not only is it pale pink a perfect fit for my aesthetic, but it has eight clips and can hold a good amount of photos. I picked this set up at Urban Outfitters, and while I was there I also printed out 6 of my Instagram pics from a photo booth in the store – they are the perfect size contrast to other cards and photos I have hanging on my wall.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.47.40 PM.png

2-Section Acrylic Canister ($9) These clear canisters are great for corralling little items like cotton balls and Q-tips and other things you reach for daily. This one has two different sections, but I actually got 2 smaller acrylic containers to be able to hold more things at a time. I grabbed mine from a local Container Store, but you can get similar items at places like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.


Arte de Casa 5-Inch Letter “J” ($13) In my old dorm room, I used to have a bunch of different colored “J” letters hanging on my walls and above my bed, but now that they don’t go with my new color scheme, I was happy to find this transparent option. I love clear accessories since they go perfectly with my room next to my white furniture, but they will also go with whatever my room will look like in my next apartment!


BINO Princess Vanity Mirror ($20) I’ve had this beauty mirror for a few years now, and I use it almost daily. Not only is it perfect for putting on makeup or putting in my contact lenses, but it also opens up the room slightly by reflecting more light and adding an unexpected focal point on top of my simple bookshelf. Again, keeping to a color palette and adding simple accessories makes all the difference for a cohesive space.




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